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As we move into the 21st century, coral reefs are rapidly becoming one of the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. In addition to other devastating forces, such as climate change and pollution, the earth’s oceanic environments are at risk from an unregulated and uncontrolled aquarium trade that has been known to use chemicals and dynamite to collect marine species – oftentimes in some of the world’s most critical and diverse regions.

The MAC Certification System provides value to the industry through the creation of conservation benefits and also works to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable livelihoods for some of the world’s poorest communities. MAC Certification generates value, both tangibly and intangibly, to all participants across the value chain, including rural fishing villages, industry operators, collectors, producers, stakeholders, and even hobbyists themselves.

Become part of the change – join the MAC Community today. Collaborate with key stakeholders to help assess current market behavior, develop strategies to improve sustainability, and adopt best practices to ensure the proper collection and care of marine ornamentals, from reef to retail.

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